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Project Overview

There are around 314 million people who are visually impaired around the world (WHO, 2015). Approximately 15% of them are blind and the other 85% have low vision. Visual impairment leads to depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal. Our project, Minerva, lets these people with eye disorders ‘see’ their surroundings through the power of words. It helps lessen the emotional burden of these people by letting them feel what’s currently happening in their environment. Minerva uses Microsoft Azure Intelligence Application with Cognitive Services including the following APIs: Computer Vision, Emotion, Face, Custom Vision, Bing Search and Translator. Computer Vision API will be used to analyze the information of an object and parse texts from reading materials through OCR technology; Emotion API will be used to detect people’s facial expressions; Face API will be used to recognize human faces and predict their age and gender; Bing Search and Translator will be used to translate text from one language to another and convert it to speech. http://minerva-eye.com

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Opticode is a team from Lyceum of the Philippines University - Laguna. The team consists of Christian, Jasmine, and Rochel, all taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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