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Project Overview

Tanah Airku is an interactive culture learning media that use Books, AR, and VR to deliver a complete learning experience for children from 1st to 3rd grade in elementary school. Tanah Airku have 5 main features: 1. 3D Objects, Tanah Airku can display a 3D Object by simply scanning the marker in the book using the apps. Tanah Airku Covers objects like Traditional Wear, Traditional Building, Musical Instrument, and Foods. 2. Coloring, Children can color a plain Object that provided in the book, after Children color the Object they can scan it using the apps, and then the apps will display a 3D Object in which color matches with the object they color. 3. Trivia Quiz, with this feature the parent or teacher can evaluate the Children's learning process. 4. DoReMi Cards, it offer 2 kind of cards that can be scanned. Interactive instrument and Play a Song. With interactive instrument card, the user can play a Traditional Instrument and even they can compose they own music, and with Play a Song card the user can listen to many traditional songs. 5. Immersive Experience, This feature uses VR to take the user to a journey to every country so the user can get a good atmosphere and more immersive learning experiences. Tanah Airku uses standards like Bloom’s Taxonomy C1 & C2 Level (Remembering & Understanding), and SCROM to make sure that the product can fit the school's learning curriculum and can be a good learning platform. With Tanah Airku children learning experiences can be more fun, interactive, active, and easy to understand.

About Team

Altruistic team consists of three persons. Monica Adela as a Public Speaker. Dimas Miftahul Huda as a Designer. Azis Naufal as an AR/VR Developer. We built this product based on children in rural areas who have limited access to learn about cultures. They don’t have learning devices, minimum amount of teachers. Need an extra effort to gain the same quality as modern kids. traditional media is not engaging, low access to learning media and sometimes, our mind is quick to forgetting something. They need some immersive learning. The immersive learning needed to be more fun, active, and interactive. To handle it, we are using Bloom's taxonomy it will increase thinking skills for kids by learning and exercise. This is a powerful tool to develop learning objectives. So here, we offer a complete solution that can be used to kids in rural areas. We present TANAH AIRKU. Brand New Way of Cultural Learning. We offer you the learning process to become interactive, fun and give immersive experience. We’ve combined cultural content into a single product and can be accessed on your smartphone. Tanah Airku has 5 features: - Show 3D objects - Colouring - Play traditional songs and instruments - Immersive cultural experience - Trivia quiz These features designed to fit with the bloom’s taxonomy. At the end of the lessons, children will be easy to remember and be able to describe the cultural contents so that it won’t fade away easily from their memory.

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