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If your plant is happy, you are happy. So you are productive. Research has shown that interior landscaping has substantial effects on reducing stress, making a more productive environment and producing a feeling of well-being. In addition, the fact of having indoor plants helps to improve the air quality and lower background noise, making a place comfortable, and at the same time it puts people in closer touch with nature. Also, the better you care about your plants, the more you contribute for a global change that benefit everybody even in a social way. Any citizen can become a plant lover. All functionality centers on a mobile application and a synthetic plant that captures live data coming from sensors plugged into the soil next to the natural plant you want to take care of. With that information, we would know the health status of this plant and therefore its happiness. The app would have the ability to share with friends unlocked achievements on different plant species about the good treatment the plants receive in a playful way to motivate people’s participation near your location. So, there is a community that likes plant’s care as well as you and gain Humanity Points!

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A team that wants to make the world a greener place by the use of creativity, knowledge and technology.

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