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Project Overview

The visually impaired encounter the social isolation and daily inconvenience every day. This may further bring the feelings of loneliness. A mobile application and a cloud back-end base will be developed for solving this problem. With the help of Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs and Microsoft Azure, Sense+ can recognize friends and colors, explore the restaurants nearby, notice users of the weather and the local events, search the objects in the circumstances. Sense+ does not require extra hardware and it provides customized services and helpful information for the visually impaired. The psychological needs of the users are also satisfied. Sense+ recreates visual sense for the blind and lights up their world.

About Team

We are a team of three undergraduate students from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Our teammate members contains Mingyu Derek Ma, a year 3 student from computing department, Shi Winona Wang, a year 5 student from Double Degree in computing and management, and Shuhao Constan Chang, a year 3 student from electronic and information engineering.

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