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Project Overview

My project ULearn is an online learning platform that consist of exciting and interactive activities, assessments, simple flashcards, and numerous types of rewards. Activities are fun and motivate the children to learn whilst gathering valuable statistics for teachers and parents to track their progress and provide specific learning support. ULearn aims to help teachers understand where the Down Syndrome children are struggling as well as providing them with suggestions on how to support them. These suggestions are based on statistical analysis of the points distribution as well as the emotions during each activity and assessment. In addition, Meetings are set up by teachers or mentors for children and their parents to ensure children keep up. Parents of struggling children are notified and can download additional pdfs for their children to practice. As Down Syndrome children are very expressive in their faces, ULearn uses OpenCV for real time computer vision. During each activity as well as each assessment, the child’s emotions are captured through their video camera. Using an object detection algorithm, their facial expression is monitored in real time and classified as an emotion, and this is captured for statistical purposes as emotional data for generating reports. Finally, ULearn streamlines the headmasters’ tasks by providing them with updated reports of their school is performance. ULearn then analyze these reports and if school is performing poorly, ULearn will prompt the headmaster to add new teachers to their school. To assist the headmaster in future identification of the school’s performance, ULearn provides a prediction of the next month based on historical data. This can then be used for early intervention by the headmaster in providing additional support. Lastly, the provincial admin can view reports for each province and from here they are able to add a new school with a headmaster.

About Team

My team is called Team Alpha14. I, Kirsty-lee am a Full Stack developer and I am highly innovative and looking to have lots of fun and gain valuable experience.

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App Services (Mobile & Web
Bots and Robotics
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