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Project Overview

What’s a problem ? The main problem we are trying to solve is lack of opportunity to help divers immediately when they are underwater. Diver can be easily separated from his partner for many reasons. He can get hooked onto an object and be unable to move, or take interest in surrounding environment and lose the sense of direction in an unclear water. Following situations can have tragic consequences, like causing diver death. Normally, in the situation when a group of divers lose one of their partners, they should look for disappeared diver for about a minute and then resurface to discuss next moves. This procedures, however aren’t enough and mostly end up in failure because they take to much time. Fortunately, we have come up with a perfect solution. What’s our solution Our product is a Diving Localizer. This is a small device that can be attached to a diver. The most basic feature of our product is ability to locate position of the diver in three dimensions and send it to the person overwatching him from the boat or shore using our mobile app. This way, diver can be easily found by other members of the group. In case of emergency diver can send SOS signal by pressing a button on our localizer. By doing it he can alert the person overwatching him, when he loses contact with a group, has problem with oxygen or if any other dangerous situation emerges. Additionally to functions improving divers safety, our device offers a series of extra features which can bring the diving experience to a whole new level. One of them is Diving Logbook. Logbook keeps record of the diver’s underwater adventures like route he took, water depth he was on and its temperature. This allows to record and share diving experiences with friends and family. Moreover, diving localizer can be used by diving bases.It allows them records the most popular routes and places and advertise them to their customers, which can help to improve their business. It can be also useful for diving instructors training new divers to make learning experience much safer. Moreover it is a good feature in their offer that can make them more competitive and give them more clients in the future. Our device releases a person who coordinates a trip from obligation to dive with rest of group. He can track them on the screen of his phone better than looking on them using his eyes underwater.

About Team

Every member of our team is an important element in our project. Jakub cordinates our work and he is our graphic designer. Artur is responsible for buisness part and social media. Damian builds our product from electronic field and diving knowledge. In addition to the three participants of the Imagine Cup, there are two other programmers in the team and one responsible for underwater communication.

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