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Project Overview

Sellution is a software as a service (SaaS) to help SMEs to perform social media marketing not just in such an easy way but also effective and efficient. Sellution main features are optimizing marketing content, help to find the right audience, and recommend the best time for marketing. Sellution has many features to help SMEs to market their products such as Marketing Content Optimization, Close Categorized Target, Buzzer Finder, and Sentiment Analysis. Marketing Content Optimization is a combination of some useful functions. SME can send promotional posts to certain categories of social media users, at the right time, with the proper content. Sellution categorized social media users by their interest using Natural Language Processing. With this function, Sellution’s users can send promotional posts to the right customer segment. SME can also schedule posts so that they can post them at the recommended time based on social media user’s activity or according to the desired time. Before any posts are sent, Sellution shows the score of the wordings based on the keywords and spellings using Key phrase extraction and misspelling detection. The score of the post image is also shown. The score is based on image quality which is using Image Recognition. Beside sending promotional posts to a certain category of user, using the Close Categorized Target feature, SME can send promotional posts to those around their location. To reach more potential customers, SMEs can use Buzzer Finder feature. Using this feature, Sellution shows a list of social media users who have a large number of followers and have the potential to influence their followers for promotional purpose. To evaluate audience reaction of any promotional post, SMEs can use Sentiment Analysis feature which is using Neural Network Algorithm to classify positive and negative reaction.

About Team

Sellution is a team that has the expertise of Data Science Project. Sellution team consists of 3 members from Indonesia Computer University (UNIKOM). Sellution members are Satria Adi Putra as a Leader and Programmer, Muhammad Naufal as a UI/UX Designer and Monica Adela as Public Relation. Our mentor is Adam Mukharil Bachtiar who have experience in Data Scientist.

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