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Bosnia and Herzegovina, Džemal Bijedic University of Mostar, Faculty of Information Technologies
Mimea Team


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Haris Gusić
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Vedad Traljo
Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Project Overview

“Mimea” is a smart mirror that is developed as a helping device for retirement homes, for both residents and employees to use. Every user's profile is highly customizable and loaded up via facial recognition technology. We offer constant tracking of blood pressure, pulse, blood sugar. Mimea comes with built in affirmative messages for just a better start of the day and it is also good for people that are suffering from depression which is a usual aftereffect of dementia. There is basic information on the screen at any time, such as time, date, forecast weather and reminders of holidays and birthdays. Voice assistant, helps residents to easily use Mimea mirror. By speaking to the mirror, you can activate any feature. This in itself offers an easy and accessible way of using the mirror. For each profile, there is an option to watch personalized childhood photos on screen and listening to music, also controlled via voice dommands. By speaking to medical workers, we found out that people who live in retirement homes don’t have enough physical activities, which encouraged us to include reminders for physical activities. Employees have access to every resident’s daily prescription for easier tracking and they get a reminder that includes the name of the resident who needs to take the medicine, the type of medicine and the time of taking. Employees can remove or add medicine if needed. The caretakers control the mirror via their smartphone.

About Team

Our team consists of four students of Faculty of Information Technologies in Mostar – Vedad, Haris, Selma and Lana, and our mentor and professor Denis. As a team we communicate well with each other, we are focused on our goals and results, everyone contributes their fair share, we offer each other support and we are well organized. We came together to work on a project that will usefully contribute to the community, from which we will learn and progress.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Internet of Things (IoT
Medical Technology
Voice Assistance

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