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Project Overview

QueryCity is making education accessible for all with its efficient Student's Search Engine, which features thousands of questions and answers to all subjects. The solution keeps users from spending money on solution books and other resources. It also helps parents teach their children, enables teachers to get a handful of questions regarding any topic, and students to get answers to their queries in just one click. After selecting their level and desired subject, students can use the QueryCity app to search for queries and get exact results with question and answer. Currently, the app has more than 8,000 questions-and-answers added each for O-level and A-level students. QueryCity plans to add a social Q/A forum with experts, 40,000 more Q/A data, textbook and video solutions on its platform. Soon, teachers and academies can sell their course on the app. Students will also be able to pay a tutor for demand-based tuition. QueryCity's mobile app has reached more than 100 installs. The company has acquired 239 new users from different countries such as Pakistan, the US, UK, India, and the UAE. Students from Beaconhouse Palm Tree Campus, JDIHS, The Learning Hub and CIMS Academy frequently use QueryCity. The company has also been selected to join Ejad Labs Startup Growth Series and has become an outreach partner for DEVCON-V.

About Team

QueryCity runs under 2 members founder & co-founder. We are students of FAST NUCES enrolled under computer science department. Querians have very coopertaive team having hands-on experience of computer technologies regarding AI, ML, RL & Reactive Native technologies. We have multiple azure expert certifications that helps developing QueryCity.

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