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Project Overview

It is undeniable that our world was turned upside down with the coming of the COVID-19 virus. Over the past three years, people from everywhere in the world had to adapt to the countless quarantines and surging cases. In moments of crisis such as this, opportunities arise for individuals and businesses to develop solutions to help us navigate uncharted waters. One of the innovations that helped us the most in the pandemic, was the release of the COVID test. Over time, we iterated over our protocols for administering tests, each country going about a procedure they deem suitable for testing the population. Over time, the number of pharmaceutical companies offering testing solutions to patients that need to leave the country and need a test and patients who think they have the virus increased. Arguably it is now easier than ever for people to get tested for the virus. Many countries offer walk-in testing centres where patients can get a PCR test and receive the results in 24 hours and companies have developed cheap, over the counter, rapid antigen tests that offer patients a result in minutes. There is still plenty innovation to be done in this space though. Firstly, most options for getting a COVID test involve physically leaving the premise of your home to get tested. This inevitably means that a potentially infected person will interact with others on the way to get a test or at the location of the testing centre or store. It may also be challenging for individuals with symptoms to get to a testing centre or acquire a test. Some people may be living too far away from a centre to get there safely while having symptoms. Other people may live too far away from a centre and opt to not bother getting tested as a result. The inconvenience of getting to a testing centre may deter some people from getting tested. CovidTestDrone enables self-administered COVID-19 tests to be delivered within minutes to patient’s homes via drone delivery and returned to the lab to be analysed. There is no need for patients to leave their homes nor get into contact with other individuals to get tested. Finally, the tests provided are precise and non-invasive, creating an overall great user experience. This project offers the most convenient and safe way to get tested for the virus. A patient can simply order a test online, select a convenient time slot and provide a location for the drone to land. They will then receive a COVID-19 test at their doorstep, provide a specimen, and send it back for analysis. The drones used in the delivery and return of the test are fully autonomous. The team running the project can plan routes and upload them to the drones for execution. The drone will constantly report telemetry data back to the base via Azure IoT Central and QGroundControl (an open-source application that allows for footage to be streamed). The testing kit is placed in a specially designed container that ensures the adequate transport of the test kit and return of the specimen. The container is locked at all times and requires the provision of a PIN to unlock it, this is to ensure that only the intended patient and authorised parties can access the test kit. The state of this container can be monitored live and controlled from IoT Central. In summary, CovidTestDrone provides a revolutionary way to deliver COVID-19 testing kits to patients’ homes and back for analysis. A fully functional prototype and implementation strategy have been developed to present a viable and innovative means of distributing tests. Patients can self-administer a test from the comfort of their homes without the need of interacting with others, this offers the safest way to get tested.

About Team

Hi, I’m Andrei Florian 😊. I am a second level student studying in Dublin, Ireland. I am a dreamer at heart, and I love spending time using the knowledge I gather to create inspiring and impactful products that solve global challenges. I am an avid learner, studying computer science, psychology, philosophy, and entrepreneurship in my spare time. I believe that my friends and others around me characterize me by my innate drive for change. My aspiration in life is to inspire others to grow as people and discover their potential by unleashing their creativity and redefining the norms. I started working on CovidTestDrone near the start of the pandemic. I had to get a COVID-19 test and was disappointed of the difficulty of getting one. As a result, I thought of a way to improve the distribution of tests using innovative technology. This is how CovidTestDrone came to mind. Why not deliver COVID-19 self-administered tests directly to patients’ homes using drone delivery. As a result, over the course of a few months, I developed the project by myself and tested it. I introduced the project in the National Science and Technology Olympiad in Ireland (BTYS), winning second place in my age group. I am very excited to have the opportunity to partake in the Microsoft Imagine Cup and am very excited to get to present my work here 😄.

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