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Project Overview

XVision is a system designed to automatically detect anomalies and diseases encountered anywhere in the human body with radiologist-level accuracy, just by analyzing common medical X-ray images with the help of the latest Azure technologies such as Machine Learning and Azure Functions. Our product will provide a much needed solution for people in areas of the world that lack access to radiology diagnostics while also acting as an assistant tool for the medical experts examining radiographies.

About Team

Our team is composed of 3 ambitious and determined students that complement each other, having a large spectre of skills: from public speaking, to machine learning and to design. We are strongly bonded, having more than 3 years of experience in working together at diverse projects. We have joined forces with another student from our University, which helps us with implementing our solution and with our great mentor that guides us and provides valuable resources for our project. United by our common goal, by our friendship and benefiting from a perfect mix of abilities, we believe in our chances of winning this year's Imagine Cup Competition!

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