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Project Overview

According to the World Health Organization, one in about 160 children have autism (https://www.who.int/news-room/fact-sheets/detail/autism-spectrum-disorders), a mental disorder threatening children and needing high assistance treatments in specialized centers. Children with autistic spectrum disorder need daily follow-up by professionals in a specialized center to maintain the progress they have achieved, which requires a great commitment from their parents that may be ignoring all aspects of their children's disorder. In extreme cases, such as a pandemic, the closure of the centers causes a remarkable decline in the capacities of these children, and their treatment becomes more challenging. We are offering a smart solution that enables autistic children to maintain the advancement of their therapies - which is usually done in specialized centers- from home. The goal of our solution is to help the autistic child communicate with the outside world without having to resort to a companion. It’s about a full program that allows: - The specialist to diagnose the situation of the child and implement a whole assistance program that: · Reinforces the emotional intelligence of the child · Strengthens the auditory and visual attention · Boosts the languages learning - The child to play educational activities through a game console, a wireless controller: allowing the child to interact with the game, and a mobile application: an intermediary between the child and the console, allowing the children to view the games and listen to instructions. - The doctor and the parent to visualize the evolution of the child through a dashboard provided to analyze the child’s progress. We believe that our solution will change not only the lives of children with autistic spectrum disorder but also the complicated situation of the whole family. It will allow the children to get access to treatments that may not be accessible in their countries or may be stopped because of a pandemic, a relocation of the family domestic, or even lack of financial resources. Our aim is to change the destiny of children with the autistic spectrum disorders, enabling them to lead normal lives and become active in society, and achieve personal and professional success. A mentally healthy child, living in a balanced family, is a future active citizen that will contribute positively to society.

About Team

Ubo is an ambitious team of four Engineering Students aged between 21 and 24 from Tunisia, a harmonious team that is composed of a web developer, designer, mobile developer, and a data scientist. We got to know each other during a summer internship where we worked on the same project. Let’s get to know us better, our web developer is Mohamed Aymen Ben Slimen a 4th year student at the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology who is passionate about web development and database administration, and he is the one who developed our amazing website and this great work would not be complete without the help of our talented designer Nourhene Bakalti, who’s a 2nd year engineering student at ESPRIT school of engineering, besides her studies she is very passionate about UI/UX design. Our mobile application is developed by our mobile developer Raouf Kioua that showed his great talent for mobile development besides his studies in security at National School of Electronics and Telecommunications. And last but not least, the new techniques such as data Science and Machine Learning are added by our data scientist Nawres Mhedhbhi who is a final year student at ESPRIT. We share the same goal and we believe that we can help the overlooked communities and make the world a better place for everyone. The idea of Ubo was born out of a personal experience of our designer Nourhene with her own 8 year old brother, Majd, who’s on the autism spectrum. Due to the shutdown caused by COVID-19 , Majd’s therapy was interrupted which led to a noticeable decline in the progress he previously made. Majd is not the only child with ASD who’s been affected by the quarantine. One in every 160 youngsters has Autism Disorder Syndrome and need an alternative to traditional therapy centers when the latter is no longer an option. For this reason, Team Ubo came together to build a smart companion that helps children with autism learn everyday tasks and interact with the outside world, not only to help Majd but to help every child who suffers from autism disorders.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Machine Learning
Medical Technology
User Behavior Analytics

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