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Project Overview

Security in home is now being directed from traditional methodologies to automation with the help of Internet. The Internet of Things is the network of interconnecting devices (may be physical devices, vehicles, home appliances etc.) embedded with electronics, sensors etc. to exchange data. Nowadays home systems are equipped with computing and information technology which provides them with smartness and intellect. Since doors are the gateway to our homes therefore it is necessary to make them more secure. Currently available mechanism of providing secure access to doors include bare-metal locks and some smart locking systems. The smart locking systems performance can be evaluated on the basis of identification accuracy, intrusiveness and cost. In this paper we introduce the idea to provide secure access to home. It will be achieved through smart doorbell which is a cost effective alternative to currently its counterparts. Our system connects WiFi enabled android devices with firebase server using Raspberry pi and enables user to answer the door when the doorbell is pressed. It learns to identify new user by using face recognition as a unique identity to authenticate the individual.

About Team

We are final year Under Graduates pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science. We are very enthusiatic student who want to learn new technologies and at the same time gain pragmatic experience by implementing them. We have hands on experience in programming languages like C, C++, JAVA, Python also Web Development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, React. We have also worked with embedded system like raspberry pi and have developed Android apps too. We have develop keen interest in Machine Learning and Deep Learning and also have worked with TensorFlow library. We want to showcase our such ambitions and intelligence by applying in this Big Idea Challange.

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