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Project Overview

Tale is a presentation coach which gives feedback to the users on a rehearsal of a presentation or speech they are preparing. Nowadays, delivering a presentation is very common and essential in our daily life. From finding a job, presenting a business idea at work to giving a presentation for your school project, every day we face challenges to deliver a good presentation. Our solution is to provide a professional artificial intelligence to help people justify their presentation video performance anytime and anywhere. The professional AI considers different presentation dimensions and analyses the video. After that, the AI gives instant feedback to the users, showing analytics results and suggestions.

About Team

We are a group of technology enthusiast from Hong Kong, believing in quality education, we want to make presentation easy for everyone. As a group of Hong Kong students, we often see local students struggle with delivering a good presentation. As most students are non-native English speakers, with the insufficient emphasis on presentation skills in school, the presentation in English is often lack of fluidity and impact. We want to make presentation easy and happy for our users, to express their ideas freely by overcoming the barrier of English as their second language. With our solution, we see a picture of tonnes of individuals being able to deliver an excellent presentation with confidence and improved skills.

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