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Project Overview

From our personal experiences working with social projects, uniting hundreds of volunteers in order to promote a positive impact, Intivity realized that in most people lies the fire for promoting change. Yet, we still need to develop the consciousness of the importance our daily actions have: the collective importance of our individual actions is still underestimated. It’s a classical reasoning: simple actions that in our microverses may seem harmless, as throwing a single can on the street, from a macro perspective, being repeated by hundreds of citizens, may generate huge problems. It would be awesome if every person, before effectuating any action, simply remembered to take into account their responsibility with our common good. Most of our societal problems would be solved if we just had some sort of collective mind that helped us to exercise our inherent empathy, seeking constantly the well-being of the society we’re in--just like some colonies of small animals can do. Aiming to get us closer to this utopian society, Like Bee came to life! Like Bee is possible through the alignment of advanced technologies--such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Azure services--with an innovative circular-economics-based business model in which socially-aware companies sponsor the startup’s operations in exchange for advertisement. Standing on these bedrocks, Like Bee installs intelligent trash bins for recyclable waste as an urban-furniture, lessening the usage of the prime matter! Correctly discarding items on them (such as plastic cans and straws) is converted into points for the user, which can be converted in discounts with the partner stores. The number of points will vary according to the type of garbage discarded, which will be recognized using the Machine Learning feature. Besides that, the recyclable items collected will be freely given to local waste pickers or recycling facilities, representing another form of inclusion! Furthermore, To utilize Like Bee’s trash bins (the Hive Bins), one just has to use the specific mobile app and connect with it through a QR code. The app is simple and friendly, containing instructions and the list of partner stores with their discounts one may obtain with each of them, besides featuring news about the Like Bee movement, thus making users more engaged with our ideal about the importance of our individual actions have for the common good. The partner companies, in exchange for offering discounts, will receive publicizing just like in delivery apps but adding the factor that they will have a “greener” image, as they will be contributing to the good-maintenance of our world. The HiveBins’s production and implementation costs will be covered by the sponsor that will get its brand stamped on the device, being this either a private company or the local government. Moreover, through the HiveBins’ IoT system it will be possible to analyze the waste disposal distribution around a specific city, data useful for the local government to focus its recycling campaigns in schools and communities that really need this information and motivation. We know that everyone’s help counts. And we yearn to make this idea common among whole humanity. More than just a startup, a whole movement and a community that aims to improve our world. This is Like Bee: Caring Together.

About Team

A team of skilled boys whose empathy drove them to try finding solutions for some of the problems everyone faces. They have invested the past few years in gathering experiences and knowledge that could help them in this journey. Having already been recognized in state, national, and international levels, now Intivity prepares for one more challenge. Now, let’s see more about the guys that constitute this team: - Davi Coscarelli Ciríaco: Born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, since young he was a smart and active kid--he learned to play the piano with only three years old. In 2008, his mother was very sick and she made a wish of going to Amazonia to conduct their NGO’s, Aos Pequeninos (For the Kiddos), work with indigenous kids. Consequently, with only 7 years old, Davi went to live in indigenous villages in the Amazon rainforest, gathering a bunch of unique new experiences. He had contact with people living in the worst situations possible, and instead of getting scared, he strengthened his desire of helping people and promoting change, always trying his best to create solutions for each problem he could observe, aiming to improve those people’s living conditions. By 2015 Davi started to study at the Federal Institute of Amazonia and there he had two years of robotics classes besides conducting different projects related to technology (like a virtual reality game using a Kinect-tracking and a self-made omnidirectional platform). Due to some awards in scientific olympiads, in 2018 one of the best schools in Brazil, Farias Brito offered him a scholarship. He went for it and, in the same year, he was selected to represent our country in the Microsoft Office Specialists World Championship. Simultaneously, Davi co-founded the startup Intelectus Education and got into the third phase of the Corredores Digitais, a startup accelerator program from our state. When it comes to technology, Davi is not just skilled, but his creativity is so astonishing that it provided him with a special award in the Brazilian Robotics Olympiad. In 2019, Davi was chosen for a summer camp at Stanford University, where he enhanced his skills as a programmer. Later on, he drove his team to get second place in the Latin-America Robotics Competition. Besides a teach "freak", he is also a passionate boy who yearns to help others whenever it's possible! An entrepreneur, a designer, and a developer, Davi is going with everything to build what matters! - Ícaro Andrade Souza Bacelar: born in the city of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, Ícaro grew surrounded by societal contrasts, becoming unable to stand injustice. This trait of him shaped his dream: to change the world. Yet, creating solutions for the world’s deep-seated problems required a wide breadth of knowledge and by the 3rd grade Icaro’s academies were far from outstanding--in fact, some would call him “Lettuce Brain”. Thus, he exchanged most of his free time for extra study sessions and, with time, he not just made up for his fault, but also advanced a lot--he grew able to surpass obstacles. In 2017, due to his amazing fulfillment at academic competitions, Farias Brito offered him a full scholarship, including housing and food, so he could move to Fortaleza. It was a hard decision for Ícaro, for he would need to move from his parents' house and say goodbye to all his friends, family and to the city where he was born to live in an unknown metropolis. But in order to pursue his dreams, he did not hesitate and embraced this challenge. In his new life, Ícaro got involved with many, incredible, new activities, like leading social projects, conducting lectures, competing in Hackathons, conducting scientific researches, founding startups and more! Also, as a Young Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Ícaro isn't just a member, but also a creator of whole global communities that unite High School students of all around the world in order to generate amazing new projects. As DeCore's CEO, Ícaro was approved for the final phase of the Corredores Digitais Accelerator Program. Also, he got into the final selections of the International Physics Olympiads and was invited to go on laboratory training on USP, Unicamp, ITA and more! Later, Icaro was selected to participate in a summer camp at Yale University where he studied Sustainable Development and Social Entrepreneurship. As an empathic person, Ícaro got in touch with many people in horrible situations and imposed upon himself a mission of fighting this, and he understood what he should do: never stop to ascend, until he reaches a high spot in which he will be able to see further and do more, impacting the lives of as many people as possible! A teacher, a researcher, and an entrepreneur, Ícaro is going with everything to build what matters! Class colleagues with similar ideas, after participating in a startup accelerator program together, Davi and Ícaro decided to join for ImagineCup.

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