● SIPSARA- E-Learning Education System for Children with Down Syndrome

Sri Lanka, sri lanka institute of information technology
●	SIPSARA- E-Learning Education System for Children with Down Syndrome


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Project Overview

SIPSARA is the first web-based application that measures and develops the skills of children with Down Syndrome in Sri Lanka. The World Health Organization assesses that Down Syndrome (DS) affects about 1 in 1000 births worldwide. Children with DS cannot learn, as usual, instigating numerous inadequacies that lead to formative issues such as trouble encoding information and low intelligence to interpret data for decision-making. As a superior technique for these kids' intercommunicating and logical intellect, free-hand sketch drawing, voice training, and word prediction activities can be successfully utilized. As the best way to express the mindset of such children, introducing an E-Learning system makes it a friendlier activity than learning about the past. Because of the improvement of Artificial Intelligence and its encouragement, E-Learning-related exploration and applications are moving at an enormous advancement rate. The main objective of this project is to develop a reliable and efficient approach to predicting the development of DS children. SIPSARA specially considered Down syndrome children's hand-drawn images, voice samples, letters, numbers, and words as the input. As a result, it gives accuracy and similarity with the teacher's samples and relates parts in the down syndrome children's samples. The system used cutting-edge technologies like Image Processing, Voice Recognition, Machine Learning models, and Deep Learning. Through that, the knowledge capacity of the DS children and their conveyed articulation of that knowledge can be assessed for additional correlations and investigation.

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Leader : • Name : Sampath A.S.T. • Email : it18060140@my.sliit.lk • Phone : 0756150526 Member 1 : • Name : M.W. Vidanapathirana • Email : it18016512@my.sliit.lk • Phone : 0705619222 Member 2 : • Name : Gunawardana T.B.A • Email : it18121520@my.sliit.lk • Phone : 0774419516 Member 3 : • Name : Sandeepani.p.w.h • Email : it18073492@my.sliit.lk • Phone : 0773360445

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