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Project Overview

Hollo is a social tech enterprise based in Hong Kong. We're developing a comprehensive tool for NGOs and their therapists to advance the norm of therapy practices using technology such as Big Data and AI. We hold two value propositions close to our heart. Hollo equips youths living with mental illnesses, who cannot capture their experiences consistently, with a smart CBT-compliant companion app; to provide low cost self-help and journaling process to aid their own journey. Hollo equips therapists (and their NGOs), who don’t have consistent, quality patient feedback to aid retentive treatment, with a back-end platform equipped with empirical and actionable findings on their patients; using the data analysis to enhance time efficiency, and construct predictive models.

About Team

Our diverse team comes from The University of Hong Kong, cultivated from three different faculties. Our team entering the Imagine Cup involves two of our Co-founders (Cameron our CEO and Piyush our CTO), along with our Chief Clinical Consultant (Natalie). Our third Co-founder & CPO (Ajit) will be supporting our team back in Hong Kong. Bringing a powerhouse team involving Entrepreneurship, Computer Science and Psychology to Imagine Cup; we believe that we will be able to convince the judges, and the public, that not only is Mental Health a significant problem to resolve in society, but that we are the best team to do it. Our adviser panel consists of three individuals; Dr. Rocky Law, Dr. Elsie Chien, and Freddy Law. These three heavy weight names are well respected in their fields, and have given Hollo many insights into operations, business strategy, NGO integration and Social Enterprise / Impact ideals. Dr. Rocky Law is a program director at HKU for Science Entrepreneurship, Director at Global Innotech development limited, Director at Praxis Green Consultation, Associate Director/Development Manager Technology Transfer Center HKUST. He has been mentoring us in Business Modelling and strategy. Vast experience in coaching startups in Hong Kong such as DJI, DataX, etc. Dr Elsie Chien is a Senior Lecturer from the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at HKU. With experience in the management of social enterprises and NGOs, Elsie has been able to give us insight into how to manage relations with NGOs and counselors as well. As a registered social worker with years of clinical experience, her insights have been critical to our success and network. Freddy Law is a serial Social Entrepreneur and a Director in Education for Good, with experience in startup culture and social innovation/enterprise in Hong Kong. Having many connections to many different incubators and important figure heads in the startup circle in Hong Kong and NGOs, Freddy lends us insight into how we can become a more socially impacting business and how we might integrate with the existing social enterprise climate in Hong Kong.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

App Services (Mobile & Web
Big Data
Machine Learning
User Behavior Analytics

Social Media