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Have you ever felt incapable of not being able to help enough a certain cause that you admire? Have you ever felt the necessity of impacting globally? Easy2Pet is for all those who believe that we're born with the moral obligation of improving the world as much as our reality permits us to. Easy2Pet works according to the following premise: Easy2Pet devices are intelligent ration dispensers completely waterproof and "dogs/cats"proof. And what makes this dispenser intelligent? Using an infra-red sensor, it only opens when an animal is close, trying to eat. This way he ration is kept safe from rain and so on. Also, the devices have balances on it to monitor how much ration was inserted in it and how much was eating in a certain time period. These devices will be placed in public spaces to feed street animals. And how will those dispensers be filled? Here is where we get into the best part! The devices are going to be placed in spots with an internet connection and then, through a mobile app, donator from all over the world are going to be able to help with this cause, supporting with a chosen money amount a Easy2Pet device in a specific place. The monitoring of food usage made by the dispensers will be useful to inform the donators where is in more need. The amount of money donated will be transferred to the store closer to the Easy2Pet device choose and they will fill it according to the donation made. Using the same monitoring system, Easy2Pet devices not accessed by enough animals will be moved for another place, so their effectivity can be maximized. Besides that, partnerships may be formed with veterinary clinics and pet-shops so frequent donator may receive discounts with them. And are these sponsors going to receive with that? Publicity. Easy2Pet team will put their logos or equivalent in the nearest ration dispenser. And there is more! Cameras installed in the dispenser will make it possible for supporters to see live the animals they helped eating, to feel even more the accomplishment of their acts! With Easy2Pet one may help this cause in everywhere in the world, from everywhere in the world. With a simple mobile app, we turn a cellphone into a portal which can distribute help whenever you wishes to. Easy2Pet: Share love. Sow live.

About Team

I remember the first time that I picked up and adopted a street cat. That tremulous skinny body and damaged fur, the little one was just a kitten and was wandering alone, hiding in between the parked cars. It took no more than some hours until he started to trust me. As soon as we got to my house, he a lot, as I would not imagine that his little body could do. He was starving... and we know that there a lot of animals in such a situation. But to adopt all of them is impossible, right? With these thoughts in my mind, I was walking in a park when I saw a bowl were people voluntarily put ration to feed street animals. So I realized tath many people have this ideal and want to help, but what if there was a more efficient way of doing so? It was when Easy2Pet was born! Now, some information about us: - Davi Coscarelli Ciríaco: Born in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, since young he was a smart and active kid who learned to play the piano with only three years old. His mother was very sick and in 2008 she made a wish of going to Amazonia to conduct their NGO (Non-governmental organization), Aos Pequeninos (For the Kiddos) work with indigenous kids. And so, with only 7 years old, Davi went to live in this new place, gathering a bunch of new experiences. He had contact with people living in the worst situations possible, and instead of getting scared, he strengthened his desire of helping people and promoting change. By 2015 Davi started to study in the Federal Institute of Amazonia and there he had two years of robotics classes besides conducting different projects related to technology (like a virtual reality game using a Kinect tracking and a self-made omnidirectional platform). Due to some awards in scientific olympiads, in 2018 one of the best schools in Brazil, Farias Brito, offered him a scholarship. He went for it and, in the same year, he was selected to represent our country in the Microsoft Office Specialists World Championship. Simultaneously, Davi co-founded the startup Intelectus Education and got into the third phase of the Corredores Digitais Accelerator Program. And when it comes to technology, Davi is not just skilled, but his creativity is so astonishing that it provided him with a special award in Brazilian Robotics Olympiad. Besides a teach "freak", he is also a passionate boy who yearns to help others whenever it's possible! Davi is an entrepreneur, he is a designer, he is a developer and he is going with everything to build what matters! - Ícaro Andrade Souza Bacelar: born in the city of Ipatinga, Minas Gerais, since he was a kid, Ícaro could not stand to see people suffering, and this trait shaped his dream: to change the world. And it was due to an obstacle that he began to advance in his journey: when he was in 3rd grade, he couldn't understand multiplication symbols. By himself, he studied in his vacation time and not just made up for his falt, but also advanced a lot. That is why by his 6th grade, Ícaro got his first medal at a scientific olympiad (Minas Gerais Math Olympiad). And he didn't stop! In 2017, due to his amazing fulfilment at academic competitions, Farias Brito offered him a full scholarship, including housing and food, so he could move to Fortaleza. It was a hard decision for Ícaro, he would need to move from his parents' house and say goodbye to all his friends, family and to the city where he was born to live in an unknown metropolis. But in order to pursue his dreams, he did not hesitate and choose for clearing this new path. In his new life, Ícaro got involved with many, incredible, new activities, like leading social projects, conducting lectures, competing in Hackathon, conducting scientific researches, founding startups and more! Also, as a Young Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Ícaro isn't just a member, but also a creator of whole global communities that unite High School students of all around the world in order to generate amazing new projects. As DeCore's CEO, Ícaro was approved for the final phase of the Corredores Digitais Accelerator Program. He also got into the final selections of the International Physics Olympiads and was invited to go on laboratory training on USP, Unicamp, ITA and more! As an empathic person, Ícaro got in touch with many people in horrible situations and imposed upon himself a mission of fighting this, and he understood what he should do: never stop to ascend, until he reaches a high spot in which he will be able to see further and do more, impacting the lives of as many people as possible! A teacher, a researcher, and an entrepreneur, Ícaro is going with everything to build what matters! Class colleagues with similar ideas, after participating in an startup accelerator program together, Davi and Ícaro decided to join for ImagineCup.

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