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Project Overview

Pavo Vision makes digital content accessible to visually impaired users, by utilizing advanced AI, Cloud Computing and the power of the community. Visual content in websites, documents, and other digital assets gets analyzed and equipped with a description of the visual for visually impaired users by the Pavo Vision System. Mistakes in the analysis can be reported by the Pavo community to train the system - our models will get smarter over time using this crowdsourcing approach to generate more accurate descriptions. The Pavo Vision system is currently available as a browser plugin. We are extending Pavo with a Slack plugin right now. Our backend is designed to support a wide variety of new applications and services (e.g. an app for the use on mobile devices).

About Team

We are a team of three students from Rhine-Waal University, interested in AI and accessibility. Malte and Rafael study Media Communication Computer Science and Philipp studies E-Government. Rafael has a background in Azure and cross platform mobile development, Malte is into web and mobile development and Philipp especially into accessibility.

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