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Project Overview

We are developing a smartphone application, which will provide help to understand the curriculum from the already existent books. What we experienced as a student is, that for many kids it gives hard time to for example imagine shapes which has spatial extent when the given illustration is in 2D on paper. It’s easy with the common shapes, but as we continue going further in the curriculum we will meet with dodecahedron for example, which is harder to explain. The solution for the problem in our case is an application, which with the help of our smartphone projects a 3D object on the book’s illustration, which we will see on our phone’s screen in AR. We can walk around the object, and it’s spatial appearance helps to understand the calculation bases, and last but not least (based on feedbacks) the kids like it and they use it also. We optimised it for almost all of the primary school subjects, such as: biology, history, geography, chemistry, etc. We would like to create a shared platform, which we would use the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Tools for. Through this service the user will be able to create their own list. They could choose which object will be shown on a chosen picture. After the chosing, with an identification code you will be able to reach it in the application.

About Team

Our team regularly educates itself by attending on different conferences and workshops and we will keep this tendency in the future as well. Our team leader is Kristoph, one of the founder is Aleksandra and the desinger is Konrad. Later on 3D modellers, Karoly and Csaba, software developer, Petar, and salesman, Kristian joined to our team. We all know each other for ages, which makes our work flawless, and all of us has the same deep motivation to push things forward.

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