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Canada, Earl Haig Secondary School, The Woodlands Secondary School, Pierre Elliot Trudeau Secondary School
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Project Overview

Private companies and institutions profit off of patient data. Patients are concerned about where their medical data is used as they do not have ownership over it. There is no centralized platform where researchers can crowdsource data to purchase datasets without needing to worry about fragmented entries. We have an infrastructural problem. Pragma challenges the status quo of how medical research data is stored and used through a multi-pronged approach. Pragma partners with hospitals in order to enforce transparency with user data by using blockchain technology, gives actionable insights for patients who provide data and allows hospitals to sell data over a market in an economic incentive. There is a lack of innovation in healthcare. A problem like this needs to be addressed by recreating an entire infrastructure, and not one-off products/applications. This is where we propose to build a healthcare data warehousing service and establish a new market for data in order to take a step closer to solving the data fragmentation problem.

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Four high-school students leveraging big data, AI and blockchain in order to someday impact billions of people.

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