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Pakistan, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
Roz Development Team


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Project Overview

Roz helps detect breast cancer in an easy, safe, affordable, and repeatable way. Roz is re-imagining the user experience in an effort to progress towards the 22nd century. It is a self-check interface that uses non-ionizing electro-magnetic waves for imaging. By the Urdu definition Roz means “everyday” and that is our goal. We want to create useful changes within the behaviour of our clients, so that they are aware of the invisible changes in their bodies. Our goal is to eliminate premature death sentences avoidable through medical imaging. Roz should be accessible to every person in the world and will help people prolong their lives.

About Team

We are 4 like-minded individuals from Forman Christian College University (FCCU). The people on-board are: Shehreyar Kitchlew, FCCU, BScs(Hons), 23 Hamza Asaad, FCCU, BScs(Hons), 23 Ahmad Saad, FCCU, BScs(Hons), 23 Mehr-un-Nisa Kitchlew, FCCU, MS CS, 22 | LUMS Bs EE, 18 The first iteration of the team started off as a brother-sister duo at the Microsoft-Sponsored WaiDatathon-Malaysia. Mehr and Shehreyar managed to secure a finals berth in their first datathon addressing the topic “Indicators of Domestic Abusers”. The positive result created an ambition in Shehreyar to actively participate in more Data competitions. Around this time Hamza, Saad, and Shehreyar were in a study group. They mutually decided to participate in the Stanford Open Datathon. Mentored by Mehr, they managed to win a “Top-5” at Stanford in the field of Education. Organically, we felt that we required a platform to elevate our ideas of social change. We saw the Imagine cup to be the platform that actualizes our ambitions. We are a well-integrated team filled with passionate individuals who work in conjunction every day to shape the world in the image of the best possible future we can achieve. Hamza is the lead software engineer of the team, possessing an exceptional work ethic. Hamza out works all of us and has a 3.98 CGPA. He is very responsible and constantly pushes us to reach our maximum potential. Saad leads the Quality Assurance section of the project. He is the most resourceful member of the team and adds value to every section. He is quick witted and has an 800 on his SAT-1 Math Component (Shehreyar has a 780. He’s not jealous, he’s just writing to let you know) Shehreyar is the overall team lead. A man of every talent. He has undying self-belief. He got the call to Juilliard, played at the Lincoln Center plaza. He beat Harvard at Stanford in Data Science with one year of coding experience. He jumps into the deep-end to face every challenge head-on. Mehr-un-Nisa is the ‘big sister’ of the team. She is the professional within the team, working for Veon. She is an electrical engineer and automation expert. She serves as the Machine Learning lead and Product Manager. Her passion is presentations. She also went to NASA for their space challenge. Future Goals: The team aims to re-imagine every part of human life. We will next be tackling problems associated with supply chain automation. On the side the team will be practicing curling because Shehreyar wants to be an Olympian.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Machine Learning
Virtual Machines

Social Media