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Project Overview

Depression is one of the most common diseases worldwide. It affects people in all ages, in all countries and in all population groups. Young people and women belong to a particularly vulnerable group. ALOIS aims to facilitate the treatment of depression worldwide and to free more people from their negative thought patterns. People with depression lose valuable years of their lives to the disease. Many of those affected do not want to admit that they have the disease and that makes it hard to cure. ALOIS creates an anonymous and protected contact point for sick people who would like to try to get their disease under control and seek professional help if necessary. ALOIS is a social bot, which determines the user's emotional state, links it to the topics of the conversation and thus find the actual causes of the depression. ALOIS also creates a new and innovative interface between patients and psychotherapists. ALOIS helps patients to find the right psychotherapist, treatment method and supports the psychotherapists in the initial admission of the patient and in monitoring the patient during the therapy. ALOIS also signals when a destructive depression is detected and when there is a risk of suicide. ALOIS can then call for professional help and save lives. ALOIS consists of two main parts, the ALOIS Social Bot and the ALOIS Dashboard. These two components are connected through azure services. They are both built as web application which makes them compatible with almost all devices. It can be used on computers, smartphones and tablets, basically everything with a front facing camera and a microphone. The ALOIS Social Bot is made for the patient to interact with and the ALOIS Dashboard is made for the doctor/psychotherapist to follow and analyze their patient in an intelligent way. The dashboard provides the psychotherapist with parameters and indicators in an early stage that is hard for a human to identify. It provides for example a value of the depression level of the patient. The algorithm that calculates this value leverages all the information from the patient and the doctor. With information about the patient’s emotion and mode over time the algorithm calculates this specific indicator that represents the level of depression of the patient. It combines the data from the facial recognition with the data from the sentiment analysis. ALOIS analyses everything that the patient says, for example all the results from the therapy sessions, the diary posts and much more. It also continuously during all the patient interaction analyses the face of the patient to provide the depression algorithm with enough patient information. The value that the depression algorithm outputs is a revolutionary indicator for the doctors/psychotherapists to follow their patient’s depression level over time.

About Team

We are Erik and Nils, two students from Sweden and Germany. We met each other during an exchange semester in New York where we became good friends. During this time, we also attended a hackathon sponsored by Microsoft. We both have a huge interest in tech and innovations and therefor saw this as a perfect opportunity to create something that really could make a difference in the world. In 24 hours the first generation of ALOIS where born and we won the price for the best use of Azure. In Sweden Erik studies for a bachelor’s degree in computer science/engineering at Jönköping University with an extra interest in software development. In another part of Europe, Germany, Nils is studying IRS which is a combination of computer science and business at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

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