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We are Webable – a group of students with passion for technology and innovation, who wants to make world a better place from Slovak University of Technology, currently finishing bachelor’s degree. All of us are interested in web technologies and development and this is the main reason why we have decided to use our skills and improve the problem we see most of the websites have, web accessibility. The team members are: David Majercak is a web and software developer with passion for innovative technologies and their application in various field. He met with web development for the first time during the high school with simple projects like landing website to the more complex application including hardware devices that can improve quality and comfort of people. The decision of studying informatics therefore came implicitly and from the beginning he tried to improve his skills on both university projects and side projects. Passion for solutions that can make people’s lives easier is the main motivation for him to join the Webable. His focus within a project is on building a recommender engine within the website to make the navigation faster. Andrej Slaninka web developer, designer, marketing and theatre fan. He became very interested in web development during high school, when he with his classmate have started the business. Afterwards, he decided to study information technologies at university. He enjoys joining the projects where he sees he can improve the lives of other, this is also reason why he has become part of the team. Within the solution his focus will be mainly on clustering of the elements into logical groups. Martin Zak is highly motivated student who is highly interested in smart technologies from the beginning of studies at university. It caught his interest so much, that he decided to get involved in the development process rather than just being the user. Getting more involved he realized the potential of IT especially as a tool for helping other people. Moreover, he finds it fun and easy to learn, all he need is a computer and his options become almost limitless.

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