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Belarus, Belarusian State University
AirCloud Team


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Uladzislau Hadalau
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Anton Barski
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Yan Shliakhau

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Project Overview

AirCloud is a service that integrates Windows or Linux remote operating systems, its applications and file system into any x86 or ARM device (smartphone, tablet or laptop) using powerful Azure Virtual Machines. We've realized one of the fastest proprietary remote control protocols that greatly outperformed VNC, RDP, TeamViewer, and many other existing solutions in speed and response. This was done thanks to AirCloud RCP hybrid architecture and unique algorithms. And as a client part, we have implemented an operating system based on Android. Our service is a set of subsystems and technologies, ensuring maximum user integration into the cloud. AirCloud is so fast that most users didn't even understand that they were working with the server hundreds of kilometers away. We also create three own devices, working on AirCloud: AirPad, AirPhone and mini-computer with sizes of a flash drive - AirCast, for maximum optimization of the remote control protocol and high autonomy. R you ready for the cloud?

About Team

All members of the AirCloud team are from Belarus. We study in the best technical Belarusian university – BSU. All of us are inspired guys who want to make this world better and smarter. Uladzislau Hadalau is the idea’s generator and our programmer and mathematician. He has got a lot of medals in many international scientific competitions, such as Intel ISEF, Oracle, EUCYS and ICYS. There are often crazy ideas in his head that end up becoming a powerful solution. Anton Barski is a main mathematician in our team. Many years of hard work made him a mathematical professional that has many medals on math competitions. He plays a big role in the project and works with parallels algorithms and unique fast transmits Machine Learning methods. Yan Shlyakhau is a true programmer in our team. He already was a finalist of Microsoft Imagine Cup in 2018. The experience of participation in many competitions, conferences and hackathons, as well as internships and working in companies, make our team creative and also enough professional to launch a powerful service.

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