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Project Overview

We designed and developed an IoT-based solution for beekeeping, called, the Smart Hive. With our solution, sounds, images, weight and humidity from inside the hives are captured and transmitted to the cloud. On the cloud, signals are processed and classified using several techniques including signal processing, feature extraction and deep learning. Beekeepers can then remotely monitor several hives in real-time and can be notified instantly when abnormal situation arises. Bee farm monitoring is thus made more convenient and more effective

About Team

We are a team of computer engineering students who are very keen IoTs and Machine Learning technologies. We have 4 years experiences with these technologies. We are trained in the sciences of data and software development. In this past year, we have joined Hatch, the KMUTT incubator and have since been very passionate about being young entrepreneurs. Through the program, we have a chance to meet and work with the bee research team in Ratchaburi. After spending weeks living with beekeepers and getting stung load of times, we are inspired to create Smart Hive. We believe that the technology should be used to help people in making their works easier and more effective. In August 2017, we have pitched the Smart Hive idea on the startup Thailand student league and has won a small seed funding to help us building the prototype. In November, we have again pitched and shown our prototype at the Internet of Things Competition, organized by Thansettakij and NBTC. There, we won the competition and received more seed funding. We do believe in Smart Hive and have all the intention to follow through until the product reach the market. This is us Mr. Boonrit Boonmarueng: Project manager and data scientist Mr. Watcharit Boonying: System Developer Mr. Thitiya Trithipkaiwanpon: Software Developer We also have two advisors who are subject matter experts: Assistant Prof.Dr. Orawan Duangpakdee, the director of native honey bee research. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tiranee Achalakul, the director of the big data experience center, expert in big data and machine learning.

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