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Project Overview

We've created a 3-in-1 solution which aims at bridging the gap between the disabled and the so-called mainstream society. We've covered three disabilities- speech impairment, hearing impairment and visual impairment. Our solutions VOICE (for the mute), EASI (for the deaf) and VISION (for the visually impaired) are available on multiple platforms- android OS and as a web app for Google Chrome. With the help of machine learning and a self-trained Convolutional Neural Network, we've managed to make our app learn with experience and hence increase its efficiency with each use. Unlike other speech aids, VOICE gives an expressive output by closely matching human speech; EASI has a customizable database which allows a person to add personal signs which reduces the time lag between interpretations; VISION has features like face recognition and environmental analysis that makes everyday navigation more safe for a visually impaired. Using Azure application insights and visual studio app center's analytics, we're able to acquire data which on analyzing gives us information about the most used features of our app and certain traits about our users, thus helping us to constantly improve our creation and to reach one step closer to our goal of helping the masses.

About Team

No, it's not a typo! As our name says in itself, we started this project with the idea of building a "practically sound solution" to a problem in our society. We're a team of three students- Padam Chopra (16), Keshav Maheshwari (16) and Aryaman Agrawal (16). Keshav is the outreach expert in the team, with valuable inputs regarding tweaks that will make our solutions reach the masses at a faster pace. Both Padam and Aryaman are proficient in different sectors of the technical spectrum. Aryaman is really good at android app development, be it designing the UI, coding in Java or enhancing the overall user experience. Padam is proficient in web development as well as Android and iOS mobile application development. Coding is an integral part of their lives, to such an extent, that they have nightmares in which they forget to back up their systems. The funny thing is that while the newly formed team was trying to select a problem to work on, Padam created a simple web app to help his grandfather who due to his old age, had lost the clarity in speech and was not able to communicate properly with his chemist. After looking for a speech aiding device, he found that NO SOLUTION existed which met Padam's demands of being affordable, efficient and easy to use at the same time. Since there was no solution out there, that's when he decided to make one on his own. From starting with a simple text to speech web app for the mute to building a complete packaged android app which would assist the deaf and the visually impaired as well, all of us have evolved a lot as individuals and have become greater friends over the duration. Our team is strong because we trust each other, we know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, we're all willing to learn from our mistakes and to constantly improve our creation so as to help the millions of people out there who do not have access to a suitable aid for their disability.

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