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DrugSafe was ideated with the unique selling point of being able to provide people with multi-layered checks to validate genuine drugs coupled with some of the most novel technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and Blockchain. The robust design of this checking provides a holistic drug validation system. We are using extensive Microsoft Azure platform services such as Azure Pipelining, Azure ML Studio, Azure CosmosDB, LUIS and many more. Under ML Studio, we use Cortana Intelligence Suite to get real time analytic data. The first and most basic check is that of comparing batch IDs of medicine strips. If this is bypassed, next, the image or blueprint of the drug strip is subjected to Optical Character Recognition wherein all anomalies, if any, are identified. The text from the image such as ingredients, classification of drug, logo text is sent to an Azure Cosmos DB where it is queried and compared against different partitions for different manufacturers. Another check is the confidence of colour. Here, the confidence levels of the colours on the back strip is weighed to detect even subtle changes. A further validity step is the idea of verifying location of manufacture. Upon tapping the app from the home screen, the user is greeted with the home page of the app. It contains 3 tabs namely, medicines, community and the chatbot. Each of these tabs are integrated with the other, which provides seamless functionality for the user. To provide quick access, we have added the camera button right at the top. The first tab, “Medicines”, contains well-defined cards of the various medicines that have been scanned or captured by the user. Using 3 unique checks, we validate the drugs as safe or not which is immediately notified to the user through a large pop-up screen. Each of the cards on this screen have extended features such as their details and date of manufacture. If a medicine is genuine, the user is allowed to view the manufacture date and location, batch number and suggested dosage. The most eye-catching feature is the colour of the bar atop the card which indicates the validity of a drug at the first glance. All unidentified medicines have a “Report” option, which leads the user to the chatbot “Querla”. This chatbot uses Artificial Intelligence to report the drug and expedite the process for any user as it is extremely user-friendly, catering to all classes of people. The “smart” bot uses services like Microsoft Luis, Cortana Intelligence Suite and Microsoft Bing Cognitive Services and hence, equips the chat bot with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning abilities. Another exciting aspect of the app is the “Community” page. This acts as your local guide for all news and current situations regarding healthcare. Specifically, the app shows an alert if there is a sudden outbreak of a disease in a particular locality by using maps to indicate the affected zone. It does so by using predictive machine learning algorithms and Azure Pipelining technologies. It may otherwise indicate if a certain pharmacy is increasingly selling counterfeit drugs and recommends you to avoid such stores, intelligently. As is seen, the user experience is extremely fluid and requires only a minimum number of taps to report a drug. We have used material design to enhance UI/UX and make the app all the more inviting to use. All in all, with the increasing number of illnesses due to counterfeit medicine we have devised a solution to mitigate this problem. The app provides a hassle-free yet very efficient of validating and reporting fake drugs through hardly a few steps. The future scope of this app includes integration with Android Wear using the Azure IOT Suite.

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We believe in solving real life problems and making sure that all the people out there are benefited through our solution.

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