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Project Overview

Stroke is a disease that disproportionally affects middle-to low income countries, where 70% of deaths and 87% of disability happens. In middle-to-low income countries such as Indonesia, many barriers exist in treating these disabilities through stroke rehabilitation, such as expensive medical costs, lack of accessibility, lack of patient motivation, and fear due to COVID-19. As such, we as a team propose VirtuoStroke, an app that brings stroke rehabilitation from the hospital into an affordable package at home. We provide three key features to help every patient get their perfect stroke rehabilitation plan: Motion Controlled Exercise Games On Smartphone, Rehabilitation Progress Tracker, and Remote Consultation. We believe with VirtuoStroke, every stroke patient shall not be priced out of a good rehabilitation.

About Team

Makara Tech is a team of 3, namely Muhammad Danial Yusra, Shafira Ayu Maharani, and Zafira Binta. This team consists of talents from the University of Indonesia and Tokyo Tech, working together to help solve the pressing issues of the world using technology. Each member has different expertises; Danial is a second-year information engineering bachelor student, while Zafira is a final-year computer science student, and Shafira is a final-year systems & information (business computer science) student.

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App Services (Mobile & Web
Cognitive Services or other AI
Medical Technology

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