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Project Overview

Our project, Beehive Drones Agriculture, is a project aiming to apply the Internet-of-Things based swarm drones technology as a new approach to solve one of the biggest problem in the world, the increasing demand for food. A cooperative drones system is developed and made accessible via mobile applications to bring precision farming into hands of farmers. Our system is designed to perform farming analysis, agricultural tasks, and ease the use of drones through the website and mobile applications. This system consists of three connected parts: drone stations, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and user interfaces. The user interfaces (website and mobile apps) are developed to enable farmers to request drones from available drone stations to execute a task. The information about the farm submitted by the farmer is then processed in the drone station to calculate the optimal number of drones to be deployed, which type of drone to be deployed, how much payload (water, fertilizer, pesticides) that should be carried, and also the part of the area each drone is responsible for. Subsequently, the drones are deployed and cooperatively solve the requested task. Tasks that the drones can perform include aerial-mapping, continuous crops-monitoring, precise pesticide-spraying, watering, and efficient fertilizer-spreading. In addition to those tasks, continuous crops-monitoring also enables farmers to see the crop growth on daily basis. Using the monitoring data, this system provides suggestions to the farmers on what they should do afterwards: whether the crops need more fertilizer, pesticide, or is ready to be harvested. The aerial mapping is also designed to help government official do planning for a more careful-and-controllable farming space expansion. Please find the video of our project on the following YouTube link:

About Team

Beehive Drones is a startup company aiming to develop and implement the Internet-of-Things based swarm drones technology as a novel approach to solve various problems in the world. A cooperative drones system is developed and made accessible via mobile applications into hands of people in the society.

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