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Project Overview

SnapSort! is an intelligent real-time trash sorting assistant that offers people easy sorting instructions. Using computer vision and machine learning technologies, it provides a more intuitive user experience in waste sorting that existing products cannot provide.

About Team

We are graduate students from the University of Washington studying technology innovation. As an interdisciplinary team, We believe that to create a successful product, a holistic approach that considers all aspects in terms of business, design, and technology, is critical. Yun Liu, as a prior professional in landscape architecture, experts in user experience design and sustainability. Szu-Yu Wang, whose background is in Electrical and Computer Engineering, is an entrepreneur and specializing in hardware and software engineering. Chun-An Ku, with a strong background in business, has years of experience in consumer electronics sales and production.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

3D Printing
Artificial Neural Networks
Cognitive Services or other AI
Internet of Things (IoT
Machine Learning

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