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Project Overview

Mind Braille is a smartphone brain computing interface that can allow disabled communities to get connected with the world. This will empower 15% of the world's population to achieve more by the means of the digital economy we all live in. Our application works by decoding EEG signals into brain commands which can provide a context to smartphones. This process is done with the help of deep learning models that take preprocessed EEG incoming via Bluetooth. These neural networks perform classification with up to 90% accuracy. At this stage, Mind Braille is strongly integrated with the Microsoft Account system and outlook email. The application also provides a news pannel, an outlook event planner, and games. Mind Braille is also integrated with the phone's native services like Phone and SMS. For more information, please visit:

About Team

Our team comprises of 3 diversely talented and passionate individuals studying in the same major at the same university. We have been classmates for the past 3 years and have developed an exceptional work ethic with the addition of teamwork after working on several course projects together. Team Omega GIKI is dedicated to bringing an affordable and portable solution for the disabled community. Our project, Mind Braille will enable the motor disabled population to get connected with the world using brain commands.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

App Services (Mobile & Web
Artificial Neural Networks
Cognitive Services or other AI
Voice Assistance

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