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Trying to build apps on the HoloLens, we encountered some hurdles. Shipping apps includes some repetitive work and some long durations, which costs money and takes time. One day, we were creating an MR training experience for a customer, and came to discover that that's one of the KEY usecases for MR. So we created Athena, a comprehensive easy to use tool, to help businesses create MR training in minutes, think of it as powerpoint for mixed reality. We had few happy customers so far, and as a team of graduating students and MSPs, we thought this is the time for us to live the Imagine Cup challenge.

About Team

Mixed Reality droves us crazy, after it's official launch back in 2016. Safwen and Cherif kept developing for the platform even tho there were NO hololens devices in Tunisia. After a while, we got our hands on the one and only device in Tunisia (by 2017) and it is just an amazing ride since then. Amine joined us and we felt like nothing is impossible now, with professional expertise in MR, Cloud and Business, our team is THE team for this startup.

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