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EDVR is a immersive virtual reality diagnostic and rehabilitative game for children with neurological and learning disorder. There are many sophisticated methods of diagnosing physical illness such as diabetes. But have you wondered how mental illness are being diagnosed.It is being diagnosed by a therapist or psychologist evaluation.The patient are assessed through a variety of motor driven and physical task such as picking up ball,matching colors.Those tasks which require cognitive motor skills.These are for the people of 10-20 years of age.It requires specific kits for each task and those kits can cost 1000$ combined.This process of assessing is dependent upon the doctor. Our Solution provides a diagnosis of illness such as learning disability and neurological disorder by carefully analyzing the tracked finger movements and tasks of the patient.Those data are fed into our machine learning model to predict the type of disorder they have.It is displayed in our mobile app.Our Solution also provides rehabilitation training for these individuals based on their condition.They can perform motor driven tasks in virtual reality which can help them in their recovery. EDVR is developed in unity engine integrated with Azure LUIS and Azure Speech to Text API. EDVR is primarily developed for the people of age 10-20 with dyslexia or leaning disorder.We have developed our Custom ML model in Azure machine learning studio for the classification of the disorder.

About Team

One of team member was dyslexic in his childhood. He would jumble up the words and could not read properly .This inspired us to make EDVR a platform for learning to students with learning disability. EDVR is developed by two students studying in Grade 12 from GEMS College and United College located in Kathmandu,Nepal. We are very passionate about immersive tech such as Virtual reality and Mixed Reality. EDVR is developed to have an impact on a student life and empower their ability to learn and grasp the concept of the world around them.We believe that this approach to learning can really help in the life of students with learning disability.

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