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Project Overview

This lightweight, smart and wearable resistance device, 0m³Gym is based on a real-time resistance feedback system, which calculates the energy expended by muscle groups, during each workout, by determining the amount of elongation of the elastic band. And it is embedded with a sEMG patch to monitor your muscle fatigue level in real time, and high-precision Bluetooth sensor to connect to external devices, while visualizing processed training data. Also through AI algorithms, your training plan can be well-adjusted. In short, 0m³Gym allows you to train your muscles anytime, anywhere.

About Team

Our team at the University of Washington consists of computer science, electrical engineering, and design majors who share a passion for using technology to address health challenges. We have diverse skillsets and perspectives that we bring to the table, which allows us to approach problem-solving in a holistic and innovative manner. Our goal is to develop solutions that improve the quality of life for individuals and communities around the world. Yiyun Qiu, head of design, takes charge of user research, UI/UX, and product design, as well as business model development in the project, has led two interactive space projects with real satellites. Shiheng Ge, front-end software development engineer, application developer. Bowen Zhao: researcher in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Knowledge Engineering. His aspiration is to develop robust and ubiquitous AI programs that could help people’s daily life. He will develop the AI assistant and its backend web server & database in our project. Yusam Hsu , a mechatronics specialist, who responded to implement the project’s hardware and design the sensor and circuit. He was a developer with several kinds of AIoT product and hardware engineer for robotics.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Machine Learning

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