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Yuka Fukuoka
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Project Overview

Currently, there is no effective way for individuals with social anxiety to practice coping techniques for an upcoming anxiety inducing event in a realistic environment. The most common method for practicing for a job interview or a presentation is by role-playing with a relative, friend, or therapist. The problem with role-playing however is that the person with social anxiety is already comfortable with the individual they role-play with and therefore it is not an accurate representation of the event to be practiced. Through the use of our virtual reality and artificial intelligence hybrid solution, the user can practice for an upcoming social event in the most realistic and personalized way possible.

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1. Duyen Luu Hai, Parsons School of Design, Design and Technology 2. Olivia Maria Cabello Gorchs, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Integrated Digital Media 3. Yuka Fukuoka, School of Visual Arts, Design for Social Innovation

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