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Virtuoso Music


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Theodore Jiang
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Project Overview

Virtuoso is a program that uses a novel method of deep convolutional neural networks to play sheet music like a real musician would at a level of unprecedented realism. Users are able to either import a midi from another place or create a midi in the program, which they can then use to render a realistic representation of that music being played by a real musician. Recreating an accurate representation of musician playing would be very useful for many applications. From amateur musicians learning new pieces of music to professional composers producing music, a program capable of creating realistic instrumental music would be greatly beneficial to the entirety of the music community. As a part of our project development, we were able to identify the universal issue with essentially all past methods of trying to recreate human instrument playing. With this knowledge, we built up a completely new method all from scratch, successfully developing our own multi-resolution approach to solve this universal issue, allowing us to obtain hyper-realistic results.

About Team

We are the team behind Virtuoso: Theo(Theodore Jiang), Aidan (Aidan Snead), and Chris (Christopher Taylor). We are from Palisades High School, Los Angeles, CA. The members of our team have all known each other since middle school throughout high school, with a passion in music and computer science.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Artificial Neural Networks
Machine Learning
Virtual Machines

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