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Project Overview

Rurusi is a SaaS based on a mobile application and an SMS chatbot whose objective is to balance the supply and demand variables by controlling agricultural production by means of artificial intelligence and machine learning in order to guide the farmer during the planting, storage and sale process. The system will be commercialized intermittently in monthly periods through subscriptions which will bring farmers closer to Rurusí's services, allowing for the creation of alliances with agricultural technology providers (chemical fertilizers, hand tools, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seeders, seedlings, animals, fertilizers and harvesters) obtaining a commission for the sale of these through the system. We plan to offer curses, training and consulting to farmers who require in order to help them learn about technology to make more efficient their processes through "Rurusi academy", a service available to all the members of the application. Likewise, we plan to offer licenses an API keys for the use of our market trend analytics algorithm for institutions and research centers to generate more technology in favor of society and the use of data banks generated through our algorithms.

About Team

Our team is conformed by: David Aleman (Studying Master's degree in Manufacturing Systems): Our Brilliant researcher and business analyst. Luz Elena Alvarez (Studying Bachelor of Business Administration): Our strategic project manager and market analyst. Rogelio Alan Chavero (Project Management expert, Teacher at Instituto tecnologico superior de huichapan, Systems Engineer): Our incredible mentor and project supervisor/consultant Jose Alejandro Melendez Garcia (Studying Industrial Engineering and Full Stack Software Developer): Our visionary CEO and Developer.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

App Services (Mobile & Web
Artificial Neural Networks
Machine Learning

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