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Project Overview

Attention it is a project, made up of smart hoop, toy car and an APP, to cure kids with ADHD through game. Kids can use their brain waves to operate the toy car, training their ability to focus. The APP can provide the results of early examination, real-time detection and adjuvant therapy. It is not only a wonderful combination of brain computer interface and deep learning, but also a breakthrough in the application of Recreation Therapy concept, achieving painless and convenient diagnosis and treatment.

About Team

We are Peppa Team from the Sichuan University, China. Our team consists of three students and a mentor. Wang Peng(mentor): He is a lecturer at the Sichuan University, whose main research interests are big data and image processing in the medical field. He has guided students’ innovation and entrepreneurship projects for a long time. Liu Bo (captain): He, who is familiar with various mainstream programming languages, is a sunny boy. And he has strong research and development capabilities and did some research on the classification algorithms in the field of machine learning. Song Yuheng: He is a hardworking and stable men, and have strong scientific research ability, understanding part of the techniques in the field of deep learning. Hu Ziping: She is an outgoing and optimistic girl, who loves coding and debates, hoping to apply theory to practice and make science and technology a good way to change the world.

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