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Project Overview

The safety of LPG(liquified petroleum gas) is a major concern for African consumers, as a significant portion of the LPG market is controlled by unlicensed refillers. This leads to many LPG cylinders on the market not meeting safety standards, putting consumers at risk of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, without proper monitoring, it is difficult to detect gas leaks, faulty LPG, and consumption patterns. This not only puts the lives and properties of consumers at risk, but it also undermines efforts to promote the use of LPG as a cleaner, more efficient cooking fuel. To address this problem, we are introducing a Smart LPG Regulator that monitors daily LPG consumption patterns, detects gas leaks, triggers reminders before LPG runs out, ensures consumers are no longer victims of abrupt gas runout, and measures one's carbon footprint in order to offer tips on how to reduce GHG emissions in households. This highlights the need for improved safety regulations and better monitoring systems in order to ensure the safe and responsible use of LPG which in turn promotes it as a cleaner cooking fuel for consumers in Africa.

About Team

As a team of innovative mechatronics engineers from Africa, we are deeply committed to addressing the pressing issue of LPG safety on the continent. Our passion lies in utilizing our skills and expertise to develop cutting-edge solutions, such as our Smart LPG regulator, that will improve the safety and well-being of our fellow Africans. We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to tackle the challenges facing our communities, and we believe that our Smart LPG regulator will make a meaningful impact in addressing the safety concerns associated with LPG use in Africa.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Internet of Things (IoT

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