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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD) affects more than 16 million people as the top leading cause of death in the United States. Pulmonary habilitation and oxygen therapy are common treatments received by COPD patients, which involve exercising with oxygen supplies. It requires patients to either push an oxygen tank or carry portable oxygen concentrators with them while moving, which is not optimal for them in terms of safety, affordability and convenience. My study aims to improve their safety, treatment efficiency, and life quality. I will design a patient-following robot with an embedded system composed of Arduino boards, an OpenMV Cam microcontroller, motors, a display, a transceiver, and other sensors. The robot will perform the task of carrying the oxygen tank for the patients, following the patients, collecting medical information, and monitoring health conditions. The Azure platform will be able to provide an on-time, easy-to-access, and smart dashboard for health monitoring.

About Team

Hearing about the suffering from patients since childhood because of my doctor’s parents, I know how hopeless it feels to see people struggling with the disease. Hence, I want to apply my interest in robotics to assist medical workers to save lives. Last year I designed an artificial intelligence fire supervision and reaction system. I truly enjoyed learning how engineering can improve the efficiency of saving people's lives. In addition, I am the co-founder and tech lead of the Eyemapper company which was founded last year during an MIT LaunchX entrepreneurship program.We are designing a real-time touch-based map for blind people. I am familiar with microcontroller hardware and programming. For this project, I need to learn more about controls and target following algorithms. Machine learning, especially computer vision algorithms, might also be involved in a later phase. Azure provided a perfect platform for our purpose.

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