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The fear of public speaking is the one of the biggest of the world, surpassing many others. Our software, Speex, is the solution to make people feel secure and less afraid of public presentations. Using Microsoft HoloLens, we simulate a holographic scene with a virtual audience consisting of bots that behave like humans so the user can practice presentations and his ability in public speaking. In a presentation several factors are considered, not only the verbal but also the corporal language. Our software analyzes user movement, visual contact with the audience and the amount of language vices, all the information is sent to Microsoft Azure and stored to be displayed to the user who can see his presentation history and accomplish the required improvements according to the statistics. Public speaking is a must and acquired with practice. Our proposal is to replace presentations in front of the mirror or with the family, for ones that propose interaction with the audience and juries, and also with a real analysis of the user's performance using our solution. Our main purpose is empower yourself, acquire experience and confidence while speaking to your audience. Overcoming your fears and improving your personal and professional life.

About Team

Speex team was formed at SENAI School of Informatics in São Paulo, Brazil. The project’s idea is to use technology and innovation to develop the greatest and most important human skill: speech. As Foucault once said: “Speech is power”. The team is: 1-Guilherme de Andrade He is a sysadmin who is passionate about connecting things and people through technology. He has high skills in advanced configuration of network devices like Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Access Points and VoIP Telephony. Andrade also has experience in the advanced networks services on Linux and Windows servers like Active Directory, remote access, web services, secure services signed by a certification authority, remote desktop services like RemoteApp Client Single Sign-On, integrations between Linux and Windows services, Cloud & Virtualization like Hyper-V and Microsoft Azure. Andrade was responsible to provide Cloud Computing environment and the network architecture of the project through Microsoft Azure. Andrade also contributed in the modeling and animation of objects in the Unity and Maya software. Andrade was the last champion of São Paulo Skills 2017 competition at the technological skill of IT Network Systems Administration. 2-Guilherme Duarte He is a designer and developer who is passionate about programming and designing to promote things and people. Duarte has experience in the advanced graphic design and development like Back-end, Front-end. Duarte also has experience in web design and development, including graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and web development tools like PHP, Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3. Duarte was the responsible for designing the project proposal, software instructions and presentation video. Duarte also was the main responsible for modeling, texturing and animating objects in the Unity and Maya software. Duarte was the last champion of São Paulo Skills 2017 competition at the technological skill of Web Design. 3-Lucas Viana He is a software developer and focused at coding with purpose. Viana has experience in systems analysis and development, including advanced programming languages like C#, using Desktop Technologies and ASP.NET Core, Java, using Desktop Technologies and Java EE development, besides mobile programming, Javascript, using Node.js for web purposes. Capable to manage relational databases, focused in SQL Server and MySQL. Viana also has experience to analyze and specify user requirements, produce detailed specifications for new systems or modifications to existing ones, in addition to software tests. Viana was responsible for software development using Unity and Visual Studio, he has also contributed in modeling and animation of objects using Unity and Maya. Viana was the last champion of São Paulo Skills 2017 competition at the technological skill of IT Software solutions.

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