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Project Overview

In 2017 alone, the US Healthcare Market experienced over 400 reported incidents of healthcare breaches. That is estimated to compromise over 3 million patient medical records. It is also not uncommon for hospitals and healthcare facilities to be subject of cyber security attacks. A medical center in Boston reported getting hacked every seven seconds in 2016. Not to mention the inefficiencies of sharing medical records between hospitals requires time, money, and is open to mistakes because of the many different systems used nationwide. Now while there are many solutions out there that aim to tackle some of these symptoms one by one, OneHealth is a model, plan, and solution to solve all of them. OneHealth promises three essential features: security, reliability, and accessibility. By using blockchain technology to add decentralization to medical records, we are able to truly revolutionize the way we can think about the data that is most important to us.

About Team

The entire team met at HackPrinceton on March 30th, just a week prior to the Imagine Cup National deadline! We were strangers with a diverse set of backgrounds and experience. Regardless, we had a mutual passion for tackling the problems in the healthcare industry and making it more accessible. Shortly into the 3-day hackathon we found ourselves with more questions than answers, but we knew we were on the right track. After hours of research, missteps, passionate discourse, and coding, we finally finished an MVP for judging. Exhausted as we may’ve been, we were energized by our passion. We pitched to several rounds of judges, explaining our approach and design decisions. We got live, amazing, and helpful feedback, from which we used to revise and strengthen our talking points. From there we were selected to present as top ten finalists in the closing ceremonies. By the end of the evening, we had the honor of winning multiple major sponsor categories, as well as 2nd Place Overall in a competition with over 500 students! A Microsoft representative at HackPrinceton encouraged us to pursue an event called the Imagine Cup even though the deadline was just a week away. We hope to keep pursuing our passion for tacking problems in the healthcare industry with OneHealth at Imagine Cup.

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