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Project Overview

AI writing tutor that empower the way students think when writing by providing thought-provoking prompts, personalized feedback and suggestions

About Team

Tyler and Quan are a dynamic duo united by their shared vision of democratizing educational opportunities through technology. Tyler, a skilled technical builder and freshman majoring in Computer Science in Columbia University, is the technical founder of Scraft. He has poured an enormous amount of time and effort into the development of the product, dedicating the initial two months to acquiring the necessary skills and subsequently devoting eight months to full-time development of the product. He has a passion for using technology to level the playing field and has previously worked on impressive projects such as the development of an omni-directional vehicle with spherical wheels, a patented control algorithm, and a Calendly-like tutor scheduling platform for his school. Quan is a driven social entrepreneur and Financial Economics major at Columbia University. As the non-technical founder of Scraft, he leverages his passion to create grassroots projects. His previous endeavors include climate initiatives supported by President Obama's YSEALI Initiative, a food-tech startup supported by Y Combinator Founders, and a 501c(3) organization that has successfully executed CSR projects for F500 firms in Southeast Asia.

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Artificial Neural Networks

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