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Project Overview

Project Prometheus is an early-stage fire detection artificial intelligence technology. It combines auto-piloted drones, weather services and Computer Vision to detect wildfires before they spread too large. Leveraging wildfire images and videos to train a deep learning Neural Networt, it detects the presence of a fire, however small it may be. Named Prometheus, after the Greek Titan who defied the gods by stealing fire from the Olympus and gave it to humanity, an act that enabled progress and civilization. In the same way Project Prometheus tries to still fire from the wild to give it back to humanity, an act that should foster progress and civilization too.

About Team

Santiago and David are Fulbrighters. Santiago and Murong are MSBA classmates. All of us went on a trip together during spring break and the rest was history. Santiago brought the problem to the table, Murong is always on the outlook of these challenges and David spends most of his time talking about transfer learning. It was a great fit! Azcona, David, Dublin City University, PhD in Computer Science, Sep 2019. David is a PhD Candidate visiting Arizona State University as a Fulbright research scholar. His research focuses on personalizing Computer Science Education and his interests are Representational Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science for Social Good. David volunteers as a coding mentor in low-income schools in Arizona to encourage students to follow their passion in technology. David loves sports, travelling, and meeting new people. He, Murong Arizona State University, MS Business Analytics, May 2018. Murong is a California native who is studying Business Analytics at ASU. After graduating from USC with a degree in Accounting and working in IT Audit for a few years, she discovered a passion for numbers that could not ignored. She would like to pursue a career in Education and HR Analytics. Santiago, Facundo, Arizona State University, MS Business Analytics, May 2018. Facundo is studying Business Analytics at ASU. He is a technology enthusiastic born with an intrinsic curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism. Facundo is an CS Engineer from Argentina and MBA in Information Systems Management. He loves looking for the hidden side of things.

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