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Kenya, Taita Taveta University
Smart Farmer


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Project Overview

Recently the world has been faced by an acute shortage of food supplies and available usable water. Food Security Outlook, projects around 3.1 million food insecure people are reported in Kenya’s and around the world's Arid and Semiarid Lands (ASAL). We came up with this project to try and work out this to increase food production. Food Insecurity is rising due to failed rains, low agriculture production and high food prices. We based our research in Kenya and fount out that over 650,000 children under 5 and over 96,000 lactating women are acutely malnourished. The World Food Product states that 29% of children in rural areas are stunted (KENYA) Smart farm will involve the use of sensors to measure the soil moisture, humidity, temperature and also the amount of water used for irrigation. The values are sent to the cloud storage as raw data, whereby they are used to make analysis on the crop production and also help on monitoring the farm. In our project we shall use the following: -Micro controller(Arduino uno) -Sensors( humidity, temperature, soil moisture) -Relay -Vero board -Sim800l

About Team

We are students at the Taita Taveta University. Phillip simiyu Currently a 4th year Pursuing BSc Mathematics and Computer Science. Emmanuel Makhanu a 4th year taking Bsc Information Technology. John Karani a 3rd Taking Education Science. Kinya Ruth a 4th year taking Bsc Information Technology. Our team came together to the climate change and also the unpredicted nature of the climate around our school. Currently it is a bit difficult for the farmers to know the kind of crops to grow t a given time. We have come together to find a solution in trying to predict the weather at a given time and suggest the crops that can do well during this time. We are enthusiastic about technology and would wish to utilize the power of IOT, machine learning and other technologies to try and solve this crisis.

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