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Project Overview

BlisCare is an Edtech innovation that aims to provide affordable digital classroom solutions for the visually impaired students with Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet) which can replicate at real time into digital braille in form of Digital Tablet) that will replicate any text, graphical diagram/map to standard Braille, at affordable cost and at same time it reduces cost burden of current education technology by half and at same time provides unlimited content available (online & offline) which is currently not accessible to visually impaired community. Problem: 1. There are 286 million visually impaired people over the globe. Of these, only 5% are getting any sort of education due to lack of braille literacy. 2. Production of Braille formatted books are very expensive and can go up to 50 INR per page, also currently available Braille printers are beyond afford-ability range. 3. Only few of existing contents are adapted according to Visually-Impaired student’s need and New-Updated Curriculum are not available in Braille format. Solution: 1. Braille display system (Braille Tablet) for visually Impaired Institutes & for Individuals will enable proper access to educational content to all students by digitalizing Braille at low and affordable cost. 2. Proper adapted and updated content in grade-1 & grade-2 braille implementing standard rules will provide best compatibility for learning. Technology involved to build this: IOT, 3D printing, Hardware engineering (Mechanical), Machine Learning (Python), Voice Assistance Technology, Azure Innovation Pitch Video:

About Team

Motivation for Team BlisCare to work on this initiative is because of we have seen problem within our family where visually impaired struggling to get education and equal opportunities in the society. We have team skill amalgamation of hardware technology development lead, Research and Development Lead, Technical Specialist (for software side). We also have few approaches to bring this initiative into product and then into market for specially impaired individuals and community. We have worked on few projects earlier and made then successful.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

3D Printing
Internet of Things (IoT
Voice Assistance

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