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Project Overview

We are focusing on building a solution for bottlenecked gateways in the daily commute; one such location would be the entry and exit points at metro stations. The idea is to use Azure's Cognitive API (facial recognition) to have an automated payment system for public transports (using an online wallet). Imagine FastTag-based tollways for human faces without the need for any hardware / physical cards. You can simply walk in; we'll scan the face and deduct the costs from your wallet.

About Team

Our team consists of 3 members - Anshuman Agarwal, Shreyas Papinwar and Zubin Choudhury along with an additional Blockchain expert and advisor, Tunap Paul. All the team member belong to the same college and met through one of the technical clubs there. The team members all have different set of skills, from Machine Learning experts to unbreakable backend programmers to people who can build beautiful UIs, we're lucky to have a Full-Stack team with us.

Technologies we are looking to use in our projects

Artificial Neural Networks
Cognitive Services or other AI
Machine Learning

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