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Project Overview

KOTA is a new innovative digital platform which aims to revolutionise the way content is published, distributed and consumed using NFT and blockchain technology. User synopsis: James spent the last two years writing his first novel, but wasn't sure how he was going to publish it once it was finished. When he finished the book, he was unsure how to contact a publisher or get their attention. When he finally signed a book deal, James lost creative control and the ownership of the book, with the author taking 80% of all the book sales. If James had used KOTA, he could have simply posted his book as an NFT, which allows him to retain full ownership and creative control. James gets to keep 90% of all sales, and earns 10% from all secondary market resales on the KOTA secondary market. WeRead earns a % from all sales and resales of online content. User synopsis 2: Shelia is a college student who loves books. She's tried using Kindle for more affordable reading, but once she had bought lots of books, she realised that the couldn't resell them. She was left with a digital library of books she couldn't sell. If she had used KOTA, she could have accessed a variety of content for free by watching a targeted ad at the end of each chapter. This ad-revenue is split between the author and KOTA. For an ad free experience, they can directly purchase the book/comic as an NFT, which gives them the ability to share it with a friend, or re-sell it on the secondary market, which can't be done on Amazon Kindle. Main competitors would be: Webtoonz (124M monthly users), Wattpad (366M monthly users), and Amazon Kindle (191M e-books sold in 2020). We are single handedly revolutionising the way people publish and consume content online, and believe that it has great growth potential. We recently won an award at University College Cork's "IGNITE" accelerator program, and have now been invited to join their full incubator program.

About Team

We a a team of two with a variety of core strengths and skills. We are Devon & Duc, and were both currently studying a MSc in Design & Development of Digital Business at University College Cork. We are a strong team of 2, and feel that our combined skillsets will enable us to excel. Devon: I'm 21 years old from Limerick, and just graduated with a first class honours degree in sociology and philosophy at University College Cork. I'm a former iOS technician at Apple and worked there for over 1 year while completing my undergraduate degree. My strengths are: public speaking, digital marketing, UX design, user research, critical thinking and business innovation Duc: I came from Vietnam to Ireland to study my masters degree. I am 25 years old with a background in tech recruitment in Japan. My undergrad degree is strategic management and organisation. I studied at university in Japan, and have good experience working as a marketing manager for another start-up company before moving to Ireland.

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