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Project Overview

In the last few years, the steep rise in Counterfeit Drug production in India has led to uncertainty in the minds of patients when they are buying drugs. There is no efficient way for patients, nurses, pharmacists, and other end users to check if a drug is authentic or not. Additionally, if a counterfeit drug is found, it is difficult to find out at which point in the supply chain the fault took place. The information printed on medicine strips can be torn, cut into, etc., thus rendering the patient with little to no information to go on when buying medicines. Therefore, we are introducing Seguro Droga - Drug Counterfeit Checking & Providing Drug Information to Patients using Blockchain. We have used the Azure Hyperledger Fabric VM to setup a supply chain management system, implemented with smart contracts. Every medicine is given a unique RFID tag at the time of manufacturing, and its progress through the supply chain can be tracked using the same RFID tag. We have also developed a desktop web app that will be able to check if a medicine is counterfeit or not. Additionally, patients can use the mobile app to select their allergen filters, and when they purchase any medicine, the app alerts them if any substance they are allergic to is in the medicines they purchased.

About Team

Our Team consists of three people who perfectly compliment each other. We have one member skilled at Blockchain, Android and Backend (Hemant Joshi), then, a Blockchain, Android, Backend Developer (VR Karthik) with a knack for Machine Learning, and a Full Stack Developer and Video Designer (Hemant H Kumar), who also has a keen interest in electronics. Although we are from different colleges, we met through academic connections between both of our colleges. Some of us have worked on common projects together, and participated in numerous hackathons. The freedom that our colleges provided to us to form teams and compete at Hackathons conducted at our college helped us to build better, more impactful products. We even tried making teams with new people but in the end realised that we three made the best combo. Last year, Hemant H Kumar had participated in the Microsoft Imagine Cup Asia Regional Finals 2019 with a couple of teammates from his college, and although he didn’t win, he immediately asked us to prepare to apply for next year. The issue that we have chosen is a fairly complex one, so we had to do extensive research to find out how to tackle the issue, keeping in mind the various legal and logistical constraints that kept obstructing our paths. However, after brainstorming and researching for weeks, we finally found a niche where our entire ecosystem (app, website, blockchain, RFID) would fit perfectly and effectively.

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